A new thing for me !!!


Another tentative step into the world of technology for me! Iv had a computer for a year or so,i still get baffled by some stuff and the wierdness of being bollocked by a machine when i do something wrong ! Part of my income is derived from operating construction machinery,such as earth moving and digging equipment,controlled by using hand and foot controls in unison,yet my brain baulks at using two hands to type!

Iv been encouraged by my partner,soon to become wife number three, and others to join upto various social networks,you know the ones im sure,meet new people they say,people with similar interests and ideals. Its been interesting to say the the least,iv met up with people who are members off or support a motorcycle club im am passionate about,iv even gone on to meet some of these people in real life! Iv met up with a few people from my chequered past and have conversations via chat apps with members of my family who i should really go and visit!

But what really gets to me?,where is this leading you might ask? I get bombarded with causes,games,gifts,requests to have farms,pets,pillow fights,snow ball fights. to join mafi’s,go to prison,be a mobster,collect guns,attend events a thousand miles from home and god knows what else ! Im hoping that this blogging stuff is going to be different dont bother sending me any of the above or anything like it,im all caused out ,im suffering from apps migraines!

Feel free to to tell me a good joke or share some thing wierd and wonderful. Let me know about your run ins with social networking types who tell you how they are going to change the world with covert and violent methods and then request you become a neighbour in pet society or some other,equally mind sapping,application !

Havent got a clue whats going to happen here,lets just see where it takes us. Bye for now.


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