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Catch up!

Oh dear! I have not done anything at all with this blog since the first post sometime last year! Not that anyone one has actually read it,there’s been five hits and that was probably me on the few occasions iv looked! so not a good start.

Since that time though iv been busy with the computer.Im interested in making some extra cash[arnt we all,i hear you say!].Iv had a go at sports betting,currency tradeing,selling on ebay and amazon,all with mixed results.Signed up with endless newsletters,free tradeing education,free and paid for sports tips etc. etc. etc.!

The end result? I still dig holes for a living thats what! Anyway ,the point is ,i thought i could share some of these things with anyone out there who might be interested,or if no ones interested i could read it myself as a reminder of some of the cock ups iv made! I should point out i havnt actually become proficient in any of these things,a bit like the majority of the tipsters iv come across in fact!

It seems im destined to finish my working life in the one thing iam pretty good at,construction,bloody hard work though at 57 years old. i will keep looking for easier ways to make a living on the world wide web though and share them on this blog,suggestions will always be appreciated! be warned though ,i speak as i find!

ok,the next blog will out line some of the above in more detail,i promise i wont leave it 6 months this time!